De l’actualité: Le projet de l’Angelus Novus

Marion Picker


Walter Benjamin’s literary and political journal, Angelus Novus, was never published. In my essay, I argue that Benjamin, rather than intending to initiate a long-term project, used the announcement of the journal to give an account of the publication situation of Germany around 1920, and to problematize the intention of publishing itself – in a messianic vein. Benjamin’s editorial verve weakened considerably after the first issue had been put together. While it is true that the German inflation of 1922-1923 destroyed the financial possibilities of mounting an ambitious journal project, the frequent critical remarks on « the public » in the « Announcement of the journal Angelus Novus » insinuate that Benjamin considered his withdrawal from (editorial) politics to be a genuine political gesture.

Keywords: Walter Benjamin, Angelus Novus, politics, rhetoric, journals, the public, messianism.

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