Traduction et messianisme: « pourchasser Le cadavre » — vers Le sixième vers du poème de Juda Halevi « L’amour de l’ennemi »1, dans la traduction de Franz Rosenzweig

Petar Bojanic


The text examines the origins and history of the “establishing” and “translating” of war into peace through violence. The author, by analyzing the well known phrase “eye for an eye” (“getting even”) within several key texts which attempt to “institutionalize” peace (texts by Kelsen, Kant, Levinas, Derrida, etc.), tries to find the possibility of a different relationship to violence. The interpretation of Jehuda Halevi’s “Love of the Enemy” as translated by Franz Rosenzweig, should be a key stepping stone on the path towards a new and messianic peace.

Keywords: Translation, enemy, peace, response, quid pro quo, love of the enemy, corpse.

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