Instant, evénement et histoire: L’actualité du messianisme à partir de Walter Benjamin

Maria João Cantinho


In the Jewish tradition, messianism is one of the most controverse concepts, since its origin. Even in present time, this concept is very polemic, always surrounded by discussions and misunderstandings. Benjamin took a central place in French philosophy. His work was very well accepted in France and takes a central place in all the fields of French thought, in a very dynamic and polemic way. That is the aim of this work: to show how the concept of messianism – above all, Benjamin’s messianism, as a indeniable source – is always in the middle of discussions about politics, history and philosophy, in the thinking of authors like Jacques Derrida, Gérard Bensussan and Emmanuel Levinas.

Keywords: Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida, Gérard Bensussan, messianism, history, politics.

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